Liberty World War I Memorial Museum  /  Kansas City, Missouri

Graphic designer for exhibitions. 

Graphis Design Annual, Gold Award, Exhibitions
Industrial Designers Society of America, Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award, Museum Exhibits and Set Design
Communication Arts, Award of Excellence, Interactive Competition, to RAA's consultant Second Story: Great War Tables
Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Merit Award, Exhibit Design/Museums
American Institute of Architects, National Honor Award to the Liberty Memorial Association
Print Magazine Regional Design Annual
Applied Arts Awards Annual, Environmental/Signage Design, Liberty Memorial Museum

Completed at Ralph Appelbaum Associates.
Photographs © 2006 ESTO.

National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri is the first museum in the United States to position the Great War as the defining event of the twentieth century. The 30,000 sf space features a re-created field of 9,000 poppies and a panoramic media/diorama event on America’s entry into the war. The museum’s massive artifact collection is used to illustrate an in-depth analysis of the war’s effect on world history and its continuing impact. Opened October 2006.